Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Cut Paste Photos Pro on Android?

At the moment, Cut Paste Photos is only available on iOS and you can download it on:

Who is the developer of Cut Paste Photos Pro?

The company that developed Cut Paste Photos Pro is actually Gamma Web Ltd., which is based in New Zealand under the iOS app creator pseudonym, Mafooly or Mafooly Apps.

Can I download Cut Paste Photos Pro on my iPad?

Yes, you can. Cut Paste Photos Pro is compatible with any iOS device ranging from iPhones, iPads, and even iPods that run iOS10 or later.

How many images can I cut in a single mosaic?

You can cut as many images as you want as long as it fits within the size of the image you are trying to create. The default size of a Cut Paste Photos Pro canvas is 1600×1600. You can change this later on when you’re already editing your merged images.

Can I add as many images as I want in my collage?

If you’re going to use the quick tools, the collage maker only allows you to put 2 to 10 images at a time. This is also true for the video maker. But if you’re going to add and crop images in the editor itself, you can add as many photos that can fit.

Can I add more images to my collage once I start editing my merged image?

Clicking on the back button will bring you right to the very first image you chose to cut on Cut Paste Photos Pro. You may save the image to your gallery for now rather than redoing the entire process of cropping and editing images.

Why can’t I save my animated image?

You may simply hit the back button again and click save.

Is the video maker just a simple video clip tool?

Yes, as a quick tool, you can only add images and put a background music to it. For a more professional video editing tool on your editor, you can also download our zshot app to edit your videos. You can download the app on the AppStore:

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