Create And Send An Animated Photo To Your Loved Ones

Are you planning to send an animated photo to your special someone? How can sappy could it be if you created that photo yourself? 

How do you create and send an animated photo? On the Cut Paste Photos Pro App, you have two ways to do it. First, you can directly tap on “Animated Effects” to add animation to your chosen photo. Second, you can choose a photo to cut, add texts or stickers, then add animated effects.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create and send an animated photo to your loved ones using the Cut Paste Photos Pro app. Ready?

Creating An Animated Photo in Two Ways

Ah! Love is in the air! And what better way to express love than to send animated photos to your loved ones? Shhh! I know, there are a lot of better ways. But, at least, in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create GIFs in two ways in just one app. Let’s make the best out of it, shall we?

First Way: “Animated Effects”

Step 1: Tap on “Animated Effects”

On the homepage of the app, tap on “Animated Effects” under “More Tools”. You will then have the option to capture a picture or choose a photo from your camera roll.

For this example, we’ll use the lovely picture of Mr. and Mrs. Avocado.

Tap on "Animated Effects."
Mr. and Mrs. Avocado

Step 2: Crop it.

In this step, you can crop your photo first before adding any effects. For this example, we didn’t crop it. We’ll leave it as it is.

Step 3: Choose an effect.

Now is your chance to play with the effects! There are seven effects to choose: Glass Work, Christmas, Hearts, Christmas Tree, Snow, Rain, and Flying Leaves. For this lovely Avocado couple, I chose the “Hearts” effect.

Once you’ve chosen the animated effect you want, click DONE and wait for your video to be created. And, there you go! You now have your very own animated photo.

Decide whether to crop your photo or not.
Mr. and Mrs. Avocado in Love
Mr. and Mrs. Avocado in Snow
Mr. and Mrs. Avocado with Flying Leaves

Step 4: Send it to your boo.

Now that your animated photo is created, you can send it directly to your boo on whatever social media you’re on. But, hey! If you ain’t got your boo yet, you can save it for now. Then, when “The One” comes along, you can send him or her all your saved cheesy animated photos. (hopeful wink!)

Wait a bit for your animated photo to be created.
Share your animated photo as soon as it's done.
Or save it now for your future "boo."

Second Way: Cut and Edit

Step 1: Choose a photo.

Let’s start the longer yet more fun route of creating your animated photo, shall we? First up, decide whether you capture a new picture or choose a photo from your album. For this example, we’ll use the lovely Avocado couple again. 

Step 2: Crop and move.

It’s your choice to crop your image or not. We cropped this photo a bit, made it smaller and moved it on the upper part of the canvas. 

We cropped the photo a bit.
Then, we made it smaller and moved it upwards.

Step 3: Add a background and a message.

We’ll use a plain white background for our photo to match its existing background color. Once that’s done, you can tap on “NEXT” and add a message like what we did here.

We chose white background to match the existing background of the photo.
Now, add that cheesy message to make your loved one giggle.


After that, you can add animated effects to your photo and send it to your loved ones. Just follow steps 3 and 4 from the “First Way” of creating an animated photo. Have fun!


The Art of Sending Animated Photos

Animated photos, more popularly known as GIFs, became popular in  1987 and no one has been stopping them since then. In fact, over the years, people have become more passionate about GIFs so much that they get even more creative with it. 

But still, some people are still confused by it and they are not sure how to react when they receive one. So, here’s a beginner’s guide to the art of sending GIFs.

Exaggeration At Its Finest

GIFs are all about exaggerated feelings and emotions. Sometimes, words are not enough to convey how you feel. Even emoticons may still lack emotions. (pun intended) So, people resort to sending GIFs. Examples are the following.

When you just got engaged.
When you heard your friend just got engaged.

Don’t Overthink

We send GIFs just for fun. So, don’t overthink when sending one. Don’t worry about what the other person will think if it’s “cool.” Just send one if you think it’s funny. 

You might think that people will judge you with the quality of your GIF. Well, yes, they will! But just shrug it off. That GIF holds a special place in your Internet heart. Embrace it.

Keep It Moving

There will be a time that you will receive a GIF you won’t understand. Or you understood it, but it’s not reaching your funny bone. At all. When that happens, just send a ‘haha’ to keep the conversation moving. 

If the awkward GIF is sent on a group chat, wait for others to react. If those cold-hearted monsters won’t react, let the GIF rest in peace. Let the sender wallow in her own GIF-related shame. Give them a moment of silence, and move along.


Don’t You Dare Explain

If because of very unfortunate events you are the one who sent that lame, shameful GIF, don’t you dare explain. GIFs are not supposed to be explained. They are jokes that are taken as it is.

Do not try to justify the GIF. Do not even think of sending a follow-up GIF. You will just fall deeper into the pit of GIF-shame. If it dies, it dies. Just let it go.

Stay Classic

If you can’t think of something original, hop on Google and look for classic GIFs. People will then think that you’re referencing their all-time favorite GIFs. 

This is especially important if you just got out of the pit of GIF-shame. Let’s stay low-key, people. Once you’ve regained your pride, go on and send out GIFs that come from the abundance of your Internet heart.

Brighten Your Loved One’s Day IRL

You can literally do anything with your phone nowadays. Technology has come a long way. Before, you can connect to someone overseas with just a call from your phone. But now, you can disconnect with the person in front of you when you look on your phone. 

Gadgets are good if used in moderation. Animated photos will make your loved one smile, or laugh if sent from time to time. But there are a whole lot of ways to brighten their day without sending something via the internet. 

Here are three ways to brighten your loved one’s day in real life:

1. Send a handwritten note.

When was the last time you held a pen and wrote on a paper? An actual paper. I hope not that long. Now, try writing a note for your loved one just because. Who wouldn’t want to receive something that personal from someone they love? Believe me, you will see a smile from ear-to-ear just because of that simple handwritten note.

2. Create a playlist.

Back in the day, we used to create mix-tapes or “burn” CDs just to hear your jam. But now, you can quickly download your favorite music or just listen to them on your music apps anytime and anywhere.

Why not try to create a playlist just for you and your bae? It can be your theme songs, your road trip songs or your I-thought-about-you-while-listening-to-this songs. Make it special. Make a playlist that will remind you, both, of each other. Then listen to it together with him or her.

Why not try to create a playlist just for you and your bae?

3. Never stop getting to know each other.

I bet you don’t know everything, I mean every little thing, about your loved one. No matter how long you’ve known each other, there will be bits of information that would still surprise you.

Talk about it. One on one. Face to face. In real life. Facetime, video calls, and texts really made our conversations convenient. But nothing beats talking to your loved one sitting right next to you and asking questions, too. It can be embarrassing to do that, especially if you’re not used to it. But, give it a try. You might discover something about your loved one that will make you love him/her more.

Related Questions

What are animated photos called?

Animated photos are called “cinemagraphs.” They are popularly known as GIFs. These are still photographs with minor or repeated movements, making it a video clip. When created in a video format, GIFs can give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation.

How do you pronounce GIF?

GIF is pronounced with a hard G like “gift.” And, no, it’s not because it’s the acronym for “Graphics Interchange Format.” It’s just the most natural, logical way to pronounce it.