Cut an image into a circle seamlessly with CutPaste Photos Pro App

How can you cut an image into a circle without using Photoshop? CutPaste Photos Pro App is the perfect solution for that. 

Cut an image into a circle

Back then some people might have felt like they were compelled to learn how to use Photoshop to make circle images. Sadly, not everyone has the time or energy for that. 

That’s why you should use the CutPaste Photos Pro App.

How to cut an image into a circle 

CutPaste Photos Pro App is so easy to use—in seconds, you can cut an image into a circle and then download it. Unlike Photoshop, you don’t need to go through training or watch painstakingly long YouTube tutorials to master it. You just tap a few buttons and you’re good to go. 

Here’s a short tutorial on how to cut an image into a circle. 

1. Launch CutPaste Photos Pro App. Tap the buttons “Take a Photo” or “Choose from Library” to upload your image. Tap the image you want to cut into a circle. 

2. On the Crop Shape section, tap the circle shape. Besides a circle, you can also select other shapes like a heart, a triangle, a hexagon, a star, or a rectangle.

3. To adjust the shape of the circle outline, tap the small circle at the bottom right corner of your image. Drag it upwards to make the circle smaller. If you want to elongate the circle, just drag the small circle downwards.

Tip: If you want to flip the circle outline, tap the small circle at the bottom left corner of your image. 

4. Ready to cut your image into a circle? Under your image, tap the button “Cut out selection.” This will remove the rest of the image outside the circle outline, making your image into a perfect circle.

Tip: If you want to reverse that effect and remove the image inside the circle outline instead, just tap the “Inverse selection” button. 

5. Tap the “Next” button at the top right corner of the screen to add some adjustments. This is where you can add a few finishing touches such as a filter, stickers, or text. You can also adjust the circle image, draw and splash on it, or resize it.  

6. Satisfied with your circle image? Tap Done to download your circle image.

See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? 

Why cut an image into a circle?

Circle images are indeed appealing. On social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more, you will see circular profile pictures. What could be the reason behind that? And why should you cut an image into a circle, besides for vanity reasons? 

blue bubbles - cut an image into a circle

The circle doesn’t trigger aversion.

Arguably, the circle is the most superior geometrical shape. The triangle is also a strong shape, but the circle wins in many areas. One of them is the emotional responses that a shape can trigger. Unlike triangles and squares, a circle doesn’t have sharp edges and corners.

Scientists found out that the brain’s amygdala, which processes fear and anxiety, flares up more when the eyes see a sharp-looking object. So, an object with a rotund built will appear safer. If you want to appear more approachable online, then use rounder elements in your designs or cut an image into a circle.  

blue watercolor circles - cut an image into a circle

Rounded shapes are friendlier to our eyes and brains. 

Cliff Kuang best explains it. In recent years, social media sites have been making their square profile pictures into circles because they look more natural. Apparently, the human eye finds circular shapes easier to follow, making it more attractive.

Moreover, this research about perception also found that the brain likes rounded shapes because they’re easier to process. Since there are no sharp edges, there’s also less cognitive load to render. 

social media profile - cut an image into a circle

Circles are better shapes for small pictures. 

With the recent pandemic lockdowns, more people are using their phones to connect to their loved ones, students, and colleagues. It would be a drag if websites weren’t optimized for mobile phone use. Good thing most commonly used sites today did their homework. 

Since the early 2010s, the use of mobile phones to browse the internet has been increasing. That also meant that more people are using their smartphones to connect with their friends on social media. However, desktop or website interfaces weren’t designed for mobile users back then. And so mobile optimization on popular social media sites gradually started.

For example, Facebook started using circular profile pictures so that users wouldn’t squint their eyes on the photos just to recognize who owned the page or timeline. 

spiral - cut an image into a circle

Humans may link circular shapes to happiness. 

Have you ever wondered why playgrounds restaurants, and fast food joints have plenty of circular design elements? It’s almost as if rotund shapes make the environment give a lighter vibe. That might be true. 

John N. Bassili, a psychologist, conducted an experiment in the 70s. He found that people tend to create circular shapes when they feel happy; meanwhile, people who felt more agitated drew angular shapes like triangles and squares.

Based on his research, he suggested that the circle is the default shape for positive feelings like happiness, while triangles with sharp corners represented negative emotions like anger. 

brochure - cut an image into a circle

You can use a circle to direct focus to a subject. 

Do you want your audience to view a social media graphic with minimal to no distractions? Use a circle shape on your graphics. In commercial design and advertising, a circle is one of the easiest shapes you can play with. Its simplicity makes it so versatile. 

For example, you can use a circle shape with a solid fill to direct the audience’s focus on the subject. Say, you can use CutPaste Photos Pro App to remove the background of a person’s headshot.

You can then cut and paste it on a solid circle. This creates better contrast, properly guiding the viewer’s eyes to the subject.


It’s ingrained in our psyche to see things as a whole. This isn’t only evident in the way we browse digital content but also in how we see nature. So, if you want people to view your digital assets with ease, use circular shapes. Use CutPaste Photos Pro App to cut an image into a circle seamlessly!

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How to crop pictures into shapes online? 

If you’re using our phone, you can use CutPaste Photos Pro App for free. If you’re browsing on a laptop or PC, you can go to

How to crop a picture into a circle in PowerPoint?

Select the picture > Go to Picture Tools Format > Select crop and then crop to shape > Choose the shape you want (circle, star, triangle, etc.)

Cut an image into a circle: Use CutPaste Photos Pro App!

You don’t need to install Photoshop to cut an image into a circle. CutPaste Photos Pro App can help you do that in a blink of an eye!

Make your social media profile picture the perfect circle. CutPaste Photos Pro App is available on iOS. 

Get it for free now!

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