How Many Fun Emoji Stickers Should I Put on My Photos?

From fun mustaches, cute hats, and massive emoji stickers, we love adding them to our photos. We’ll do anything to pump up our photos to make it social media ready!
Stickers are a popular form of improving photographs nowadays. Yet too many of them can negatively impact the picture. By adding stickers and other effects, we can drastically change the overall feel of a photo. We can make our images funnier, sadder, or emotionally striking. Of course, that would all depend on how you’re going to use them. However, adding too much is definitely an overkill. So, let’s figure out how many fun or emoji stickers is too much to add to a photo?

brown egg emoji stickers lined up against the wall

How many stickers are too many?

The most you should add to your photos should be around 1 or 2 quirky or emoji stickers. But here are also factors to consider on how many you should add like:

  • size of the stickers on the photograph
  • use of stickers as a concealer
  • a sticker’s role in the photo
  • what the photo is for


Smaller stickers on a large photo mean that you can add more than two emoji stickers like happy faces or flowers. On the other hand, you can also use stickers as a concealer to hide a pimple, tuck away a peeping butt crack, or hide the fact that your nipples are showing through your clothes. Stickers are fun ways of hiding flaws in a photo.

But if you’re going to use a sticker as the main subject of the photo like using it to replace your head, you should limit the use of additional stickers in a photo. You can add an emoji sticker top with a flower headband or mustache or sunglasses. But adding more than one large sticker in different areas of a photo can disrupt the entire photo

Using stickers also depend on where you’re going to use your photo. Memes love stickers, and so do social posts. But only when stickers don’t take the limelight away from the subject of the photo.

How to Add Stickers Using Cut Paste Photos Pro

cut paste photos main display in adding images for editing
  1. Choose which photos you want to add stickers on. You can either choose from your photo library or take a new photo with your camera.
  2. If you’re going to use the special cropping tool, you can learn how to use our cut tool here.
  3. Once you’re happy with editing your images, tap NEXT.
  4. On the layers platform, you can edit the layers of your images individually.
  5. After you’re done, tap NEXT.
  6. On the Photo editing platform, go to the stickers icon.
  7. From the wide arrangement of stickers, choose appropriate stickers for your photo. We have a couple of tips below in choosing appropriate stickers for your photos.

  8. When you’re done, proceed to the editing platform and continue editing your photo. We suggest adding words using our text tool. It will add more character to your image.
  9. We also suggest using the tone curve, adding a filter or adjusting the brightness and contrast to make the stickers blend to your image better.
  10. Once you’re happy with your final touches, tap DONE.
  11. A pop-up will appear asking you to add an animation. Simply tap yes, if you want to make a GIF out of your image or NO and proceed to saving your image.
  12. Then, save your image using PNG or JPEG format or both.
  13. Share your images directly using the Cut Paste Photos App!REMEMBER: Don’t forget to tag #CutPastePhotos when you do!

Tips on improving a photo using stickers

If you want to use stickers but don’t know how to get maximum effect by using them, we have a couple tips that you can use. Without further addition:

Place them away from your subject

Try not to cover a subject’s face or an important object using stickers. Some people do that since they believe their face didn’t look well in the photo, or because they think an object in the image should be covered. If that is the case, try to do some touch-ups using brush and blur, rather than placing stickers to distract attention.

Make sure they go along with the picture's mood

If you have a funny image, then the stickers that you add have to show a laughing face or go along with the emotions felt by the photographer when capturing the shot.

emoji stickers as the main subject of a photo

Use the Right Size Emoji Stickers

Most people get the best results by using stickers that are 1/15 the size of a photograph. Using anything larger than that will result in hiding important elements in the photo and thus losing viewers’ interest. By contrast, using stickers that are too small will make them unnoticeable, so they will resemble wasted effort.

Placing emoji stickers may be easy, but you should not do it randomly. Use the tips and explanations above to best integrate stickers into your photos and you will notice that more users will express interest and appreciation than ever before!