Video Music: Best Music to Add in a Picture Clip

So, you’ve downloaded Cut Paste Photos Pro. Now what? 

You might be wondering what the app has in store for you. The Cut Paste app can do a handful of things, including editing photos and creating animated videos. And the best part is… *drum rolls* you can add video music to your picture clip.

A picture clip with music is one of the best ways to show off your photos and put a personal touch to your images. The music you incorporate to your picture clip will express your emotions and feelings more than the photos themselves. 

Adding music to your picture clip isn’t only for show. Music actually provides the body with a plethora of benefits. First, hearing music will bring back your memories. It will also make you feel happy and pumped up. Or, it could also make you nostalgic, sad, or maybe a bit sentimental. 

So, incorporating video music to your picture clip will bury memories deep in your mind. It will make you remember the special moments you have had. “What is the best music to add in a picture clip,” you ask?

This tutorial will teach you what is the best music to add in a picture clip, and how you can do it.

How to Add Music To Your Picture Clip

If you already have a picture clip, then adding music to your video is straightforward. If you haven’t, you can make one… and it’s insanely easy!

1. Download Cut Paste Photos Pro app

Cut Paste Photos Pro app is available in iOS devices running iOS 10.0 later. You can have this powerful app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. 

You can get the app on this link.

Once the app has been installed, open it and fill out the registration form.

2. Select Make a Video and create your picture clip

After tapping Make a Video, you will be directed to a page where you can see all the photos from your Camera Roll. Choose the photos you want to include in your picture clip. 

Tap the photos according to the sequence you like. Basically, the first photo you select will be the first to show in your video animation.

You may select photos in one album. Tap the Album button on the lower right corner of the screen to open your album from the Camera Roll. 


3. Choose the music you want to incorporate to your video clip

Cut Paste Photos Pro gives you the liberty in choosing the music you want to incorporate in your picture clip

You may select preloaded music on the “Effects” tab. The music clips are totally free, which means you can use them free of charge. 

The “iTunes” tab lets you pick music straight from your iTunes music account. This means you can use anything from your playlist for your picture clip, which is good if you want your clip to be more personal. 

To make things even more sentimental, you may add your own recording under the “Recordings” tab. You may sing your favorite song, say a message, or just narrate a short story that describes the photos in your picture clip. 

For example, if you’re thinking about creating a video clip for a friend’s wedding, create an animation with your friend and his or her spouse. Then, use the Recordings feature to say a personal message, probably wishing them to have a good journey and happy marriage. 

You may also create a picture clip featuring your last summer vacation. Show off your beach trip, your photos when you were snorkeling, and your collection of jump shots in the seashore. Then, add jazzy music or a personal favorite song to incorporate in your picture clip. 

Not only will your friends see your photos but also know exactly what you were feeling when you were on vacation. The music expresses what words can’t, apparently.

You may choose to adjust the duration of each photo in your picture clip. Simply adjust the duration speed using the time slider. 


4. Save and share your picture clip

If you’re satisfied with your picture clip already, you may choose to save it on your phone or share it directly to your social media accounts. 

A preview of your video clip will automatically appear. Once you’re done watching it, close the preview, then hit the “Save” button to store the picture clip in your Camera Roll. 

Click the “Share” button if you wish to send the picture clip directly to your social media accounts. 

The Best Music to Add in a Picture Clip

As mentioned above, the app comes with free music you can use in your picture clip, including:

Ambient Small

This free sound effect adds a little ambient effect to your photos, which is ideal if you wish to display photos of nature and landscapes in your picture clip.

Classical Aaron

Classical Aaron adds a little fun to your picture clip. It’s upbeat, fun, and adds a bunch of good vibes. 

Classical Mozart

You’ll never go wrong with Classical Mozart effects. This sound effect is best used if you want to make a video clip of foods and beverages. Essentially, this classical sound is suitable for photos that express fanciness. 

Classical Piano

Moving, powerful, and stirring… These are just some of the words to describe the Classical Piano effect. This music is best for picture clips featuring special events, like weddings and anniversaries.

Classical Tim

Classical Tim is the best sound effect for pictures that highlight memorable events such as weddings and other special occasions.

Electronic Peter

Fun, jazzy, and upbeat, Electronic Peter is suitable to almost any genre of picture clip. Be it a collection of you or your friends’ photos, your summer vacay, or just anything, Electronic Peter does the job. 

Piano Scott

Going retro? Go for Piano Scott. It gives off 70s vibes, which is good if you want to highlight old photos. Oh, what a great way to go nostalgic and travel back in time. 


Happy, optimistic, and sunshine… that’s what Rainbow music is all about. It’s all about expressing bliss and pure happiness. Use this sound effect to show off photos of your doggo or cat.

Smooth Ride

A music effect that transcends you to another universe, Smooth Ride is a fun sound effect you can use in your picture clip. 

Choosing music from iTunes

If you wish to use other music aside from the free sound effects from the app, you may pick your favorite music to use in your picture clip. 

For example, if you’re going to add music for your anniversary picture clip, you may use the theme song that lets you remember you and your spouse first met. 

If, for instance, you wish to create a picture clip for your loved one, you can use your favorite love song. You’ll have infinite options, so don’t be afraid to explore music to add in your picture clip. 


Adding recordings to your picture clip

Using an audio recording in your picture clip is the best way to go if you want it to be more intimate. 

You can say a good message, a quick hello, your appreciation, or maybe sing a short song. 


Related Questions

How many photos can I use in my picture clip?

You may pick 2 to 10 photos for your picture clip. You can create multiple videos and then combine them into one if you wish your video to be longer. 

Can I add animated effects in my picture clip?

Yes. The app comes with free animation effects that you may use to add more effects on your picture clip.