Collage Border: When To Add And What To Choose?

Collages aren’t just for elementary class art anymore. They are also a fun way to express your creativity and display a collection of different images in one photo, instead of just a single image. 

Putting your photos in one image is also a great way to express your feelings or special events surrounding an important part of your life. No wonder why collages are now essentially acceptable in showing off your pictures. 

But how about the collage border? This tutorial will teach you how to make a collage and when to add a collage border. 

Benefits of Using a Collage

Sometimes, it can be hard to select just one photo that depicts all of the feelings or captures the events surrounding an occasion. Framing is a good idea, but there is even more pressure in selecting that one perfect image. Not to mention, it’s pricey as well. 

Yes, putting your favorite images in one collage is a great way to show off multiple photos without having to get several photos printed and framed. Moreover, creating a photo montage of the various photos pulls them together into one theme. 

There are a lot of things you can do with collages. 

One example is creating a collage from a family vacation. Say, you took your family or a friend on a beach vacation. You may have joined in several activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, eating out, and going to nearby landmarks. 

Choosing one photo from such a fun vacation is just straight impossible. You can use collage that encompasses the whole trip. 

Additionally, collages are a fun way to mark the progress of your kid’s growth. For instance, you can use a collage to show a series of your child’s school photos, culminating in a high school photo, and finally graduating college. 

On the other hand, you may also put into a collage all the different personalities of all of your children by having portraits of each of them only by themselves, and in the center is an image of all of them being together.

Some people like creating photo albums for weddings. But then again, picking just one photo to have enlarged and framed is no picnic. Yes, it is never an easy choice. However, a collage doesn’t force you to deal with this dilemma. You may choose a photo of the bride and groom together, as well as their ceremony kiss, first dance, and photo with the family and friends. 

Truth be told, there is so much time and planning that goes into a wedding that only a collage can express in one simple frame. 

The good news is that you can do a collage on your own. With Cut Paste Photos Pro, making collage is fun and easy; it takes only a few swipes and taps to have a beautiful collage wonderfully done.

Creating Collage and Collage Border

Cut Paste Photos Pro is a powerful photo-editing app that lets you create collage without a sweat. It also enables you to create animated videos and videos with photos and music. You may scan documents with the app as well. 

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can install it here. Apparently, our app is available for iOS devices running iOS 10.0 or later as for the moment. Fret not, our team is continuously working hard to ensure Android users also get to enjoy our amazing photo-editing app. 

Once the app has been installed, open it. The homepage looks like this:


1. Select Make A Collage

First is to select “Make A Collage” from the homepage. This will direct you to the collage maker tool of the app. 

The images from your Camera Roll will be displayed on the next page. You may select two or a maximum of 10 images. For this tutorial, I’ve chosen five images of breakfast meals. 

As you select a photo from the gallery preview, there is a number at the upper left corner of the thumbnail, indicating the order of how the photo was selected. At the lower right corner is the (-) icon, which you may tap if you wish to remove the image from your collage. 

If you wish to make a collage straight from your camera, click the Camera icon just above the gallery preview. Tap “Next” if you’re done picking your photos. 


2. Adjust the Borders

After selecting your photos, you may now choose the layout that best fits the images for your collage. The frame layout will depend on how many photos you’ve selected. 

As for this tutorial, I chose the vertical layout. Below the canvas are tools you can use to adjust the border of your collage. 

The first setting is the one with the <-||-> icon. This adjusts the space between the images. Modify the space between your photos accordingly. The wider the space between the images, the better each photo is emphasized. 

In contrast, having very little to no space at all put the focus more on the images, as they appear to be wider and fuller. 

Next, adjust the border. Slide the slider to your left to remove the border, or slide it to your right for a heavier border. 

Then, choose the curvity of the frame of each image. You may soften and smoothen the edges of each frame. 


3. Choose the Background

You can get creative with the background of your collage. Use a photo from your Camera Roll as the background, or you may choose a color to fill the background. 

As for this tutorial, I selected a red background. Below the color option is a slider that lets you adjust the opacity of the background. Modify accordingly. 


4. Pick Canvas Size

The great thing about this app is that it lets you choose the canva size according to your needs. The 1:1 size is best for Instagram. The 2:1, on the other hand, is best used as a Twitter logo. Facebook logos are 4:3 in size.

There are other canvas sizes to choose from, such as 1:2, 3:4, and 4:5. The collage will automatically resize as you pick the best canva size. 

If you wish to change a photo from the collage, simply tap the photo. You can either swap, replace, or delete the selected photo. Swap allows you to move one photo to another frame. Replace and Delete buttons are self-explanatory. 

Not only are you able to replace, swap, or delete images from each frame but also adjust them. Pinch out to zoom in an image, and pinch in to zoom out. 

Select “Next” once you’re satisfied. 


5. Apply Final Touches

Once you are done with your collage, you will be directed to the image editor of the app. There, you can add stickers or texts to your collage. You may also doodle, add splash effects, or incorporate a filter. 

As for this sample, I decided to add some fine details by adding a text “Breakfast Club” using the Baskerville-Italic font, and then placed the text just below the frames of images. 

I also added some stickers, more particularly, flower stickers; one on each side, just to add more optimistic vibes on the image. 

Feel free to explore the app and expand your creativity.


6. Save and Share

After adding the final touches, you may choose to save your collage in JPG or PNG format. If you wish to share your collage to your social media accounts directly from the app, simply pick any medium from the list displayed. 

To save the image to your phone, tap Download. 

If changes have to be made, simply tap the Back icon. 


Final Takeaway

That’s it! Making a collage with borders is ultra fun and easy. And yes, you don’t need to be a pro in it. Simply download the Cut Paste Photos Pro app in your iOS device, then you’re good to go!

Related Questions

How do I make a photo collage for free?

Cut Paste Photos Pro app lets you create a photo collage for free. You may unlock some of the features by subscribing to the premium plan. 

Can I use photo collage for my business?

Definitely, yes! You may use the collage to display the services or products your company offers in one frame.